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Suckered in, set up…

In the first neighborhood that I ever lived in, there were some other kids on our street, next door, that we sometimes hung out with. Two boys about the same age as us, maybe a little older. One was called David, I can’t remember the name of the other one, Anyway, across the street from […]

Some days…

    A few years ago I had moved in with my partner at the time I had noticed the inside of the front door of the house, in the hall, was covered with a thick plastic and stapled all around fairly roughly, so as to keep out the cold, but it was all rather […]

What’s Going On

It was April 1, 1984, and my friends and I were at Camp Alexandra in Crescent Beach. It was a school event. We were camping there for several days. We weren’t counselors there yet but would be next year, when we were in Grade 10 and the whole idea of that amazed me, because we […]

Safe and a porch-light

When I was 18 I was living in White Rock and had finished school, had finished working at McDonalds that summer at Expo ’86 which was my first job. I was then working in White Rock, part-time at Muffin Break, and also at a gift shop in the mall.

The Big House

When we used to live in White Rock we lived on a street, in the second house I ever lived in. It was like an afterthought, a street that curled down from Marine Drive as if it was trying to get down to the ocean but the trees grew up from the beach and stopped it. The street was quite […]

Happy Easter: Running, Rabbits and Joy Division

When I used to live in Macclesfield I used to go running. In the summer I would have a route that would leave Macclesfield, go out to Prestbury, then up Chelford Road and I was in the Cheshire countryside. I used to run between the villages. If I ran to the end of Mottram St. […]

Local History #1 – Elgin Hall

elgin hall

  There were hundreds of times growing up in the Surrey/White Rock area where I was in the car with Mom and Dad and we for some reason or other drove past the Elgin Hall on the way to go shopping somewhere or visit family. Me sitting in the back seat watching all the green […]

The Lions

A few years ago when I was first back in Canada, I was staying in White Rock, and I ran 10 miles one day from the pier, to 28th, the old street that we used to live on above Crescent Beach, when I was only little. I wanted to stand on it again, and see […]

Drama in Real Life

My grandparents on my Dad’s side lived in Cloverdale. Like my other Grandparents (fortunately I knew all of my grandparents) we would often go to stay there for a night or two on the weekends. They lived in an apartment. When we went to the apartment there were several activities we did. It usually started […]