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Constructing a Web Page Skeleton

Every webpage is written in HTML. HTML is what gives the webpage its structure. It has its own rules for communicating and these rules are called syntax. HTML webpages are described by HTML tags. A tag is a keyword (tag name) surrounded by angle brackets <>. Tags are usually in pairs, with the first tag […]

Building a Ruby on Rails Application on Mac OS X – Part 1

  The application we are going to build is a blog. This article assumes that you already have the following installed: Ruby language version no older than 1.9.3 The Ruby Gems packaging system. This is installed with the Ruby version 1.9, and any more recent version. SQLite3 Database Ruby on Rails development framework   Building […]

A Maple Leaf (for Remembrance Day)


It was a town right by the sea and the small white house was right by the sea front, the door opened and there was the road and there was the stone wall and over that you could see the harbor and the boats tied to their docks. There was a smell of salty sea […]



At our house we had about ten fruit trees all down the side of the vegetable garden. There were apple trees and plum trees and pear trees. Trees that had grass underneath and the grass we would have to cut in the summer. During the winter the tree branches, though bare, grew spindly up to […]