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Published in Staple New Writing Magazine Spring 1997


Published in Staple New Writing Magazine Winter 2000 issue


Published in West 49th Magazine at Langara Community College, 1991-1992   I cover them in cloth like I am draping the dead, or old furniture or merely painting a new room. I am afraid of drowning in windows. I fear a domestic X-ray. To be exposed to an outer radiation like a balding child that […]

Home Movies

Published in Langara’s West Forty Ninth Magazine, 1991 A countdown of flashing black and white 4-3-2-1– prepares me, warns me of this viewing. It sends me there. A wooden swing from oak tree to beach each thundering wave lashing out to lick my heels but I escape and chase the cat under the porch where […]


Published in Staple Magazine, August 1995   I notice the daffodils In the kitchen fading. But those in my room? They look like elephants Attached to a stem; An upside-down mobile Stuffed in a vase; Weary dancers Wearing sunflower hats. This was a child’s room, Too new to touch, too soft. Roots far underneath, Unarmed, […]