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Easter in Cloverdale

When we were little, on Easter morning, we had an Easter egg hunt. My Mom had bought a few small Easter eggs, the chocolate ones, and they were hidden around the house. Not outside was the rule because that would be too cold and possibly dirty and wet. We always checked about this when we […]

Going to a Famous Dead Poet’s House on your Birthday

Once above a shop in a mill town my lemon yellow flat with the white sash windows stood out slightly on the corner far enough so that I could almost see down the middle of the street with the houses seamed together, twins in cream and pastels. In the summer a cool breeze flows from […]

Life and ice-cream

I am standing in an ice cream parlor in Florence. The owner yells at me in Italian. I had just bought a vanilla ice-cream and began to eat it inside the parlor, smoothing the white cold ridges with my tongue to prevent the whole thing from toppling. I am not supposed to be doing this […]