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Manhattan, December 2013

  They looked soft and handmade, flying down from above. I know that I saw them, despite the distraction of the city’s flashing momentum.   From what I heard, each wing beat ticked. They nestled in the eaves like tiny grandfather clocks. Soft whispers muffling the traffic’s rattle, saying Hello or Look up here, I […]


  We were talking about hitchhiking. I asked if you ever had. I thought it was illegal now, but it’s not. But still I would never have tried it as a teenager. I was always too afraid I think. Had the dangers of it reinforced in my thinking at a young age. I always listened […]

Erica’s Word – Game Theory at The Town Pump

  Lately at night I look out the window onto Vancouver, like I used to look out onto Derbyshire. I see a picture, I see rooftops, but instead of green short shaved moorlike hills there are mountains and water. The mountains are close enough that I can get to them in less than an hour. […]