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Prose Poem: Recycling

  Recycling Written May 17, 2017 In our neighborhood I collected the pop cans, as a kid, if I discovered them by the street and took them in to the corner shop and got a nickel for them. If I cycled through the neighborhood and picked up a can I clamped it in the carrier […]

Poem: Questions for a mouse

Questions for a Mouse Written Oct 16, 2017   Where do you think you’re going At this hour? I was throwing some peppers that had Gone off, must have been past it When I bought them at the market. Anyway, this is when I saw you, about Quarter to one that night. The hatch to […]

Poem: Conditions for Dreaming

Conditions for Dreaming Written October 15, 2017 Are you asleep? Or is it a daything. If a daything classrooms are good. Sitting in desks Especially out a window with a view. Could you catch a dream? Not with one of those crochet catchers, But say, with a butterfly net. Say there was a dream in […]

Poem: Graham Island

    Graham Island Written May 23, 2017   When I looked out the back window All I could see was Dust The mountain road curving downward behind us There was a lot of Blue sky Small green new growth trees All I could hear was the gravel under the tires of my uncle’s truck […]