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Poem: Tijuana

Tijuana Written June 17, 2017 We cross the border into Mexico wander down the streets of Tijuana. I am 14 and have bad period cramps for this occasion and have to go into the drug store there to buy aspirin which I swallow without water. I take photos, of the Mexican blankets, of a little […]

365 Drawings - Drawing 13: Fox Study #3

Poem: Motels

  Motels Written June 25, 2017   We see the sign on the highway that there’s a motel at the next exit probably along with a gas station. Dad has been driving through California all day and it is summer but it is starting to get dark so it is late. There’s an office where […]

365 Drawings - Drawing 12: Fox Study #2

Poem: Jet Trail

    Jet Trail Written June 25, 2017   I laid on the lawn and looked at the expanse of blue sky, pure it was except for the Jet trail that appeared in the middle and stretched across like a white ribbon on a blue tablecloth. I lay on the lawn, feeling the sun soft […]

365 Drawings - Drawing 11: Barn Owl and Moon

Poem: Float Plane

Float Plane Written June 7, 2017   From the dock I hear a faint plane drone in the distance. It has no meaning. I don’t assume it is heading to our lake. It gets louder though til finally I see it over the trees on the edge of the bay across from us, probably a […]

365 Drawings - Drawing 10: Fox Study

365 Drawings - Drawing 9: Christmas Wolf

Poem: Ferraris

Ferraris Written June 3, 2017 Two Ferraris, one orange the next day black. When I see the black one I am walking home from work on a late lunch break. I carry my new black pointy shoes as my feet are sore. The shoes, I cradle in one arm as I walk in my plimsoles. […]

Poem: Mount Shasta

  Mount Shasta Written June 17, 2017 I think it’s strange to see a mountain just sitting there, in the middle of a field of yellow grass right by the road. That’s what it seems like anyway. I think I could probably walk across the field and up the slopes to the summit but I […]

Flash Fiction : Rodriguez

Rodriguez First Draft Written March 24, 2016   There were some overripe grapes on a plate on the counter. I was going to throw them away. Our son Jeffrey asked if he could take them. “We are playing at Henry’s. They are for Rodriguez, he likes them,” Jeffrey said. “I didn’t think they were suitable […]

365 Drawings - Drawing 8: White-Tailed Deer in Winter

365 Drawings - Drawing 7: Evergreen Tree

Poem: The Drive-In

      The Drive-In Written June 29, 2017   We were on the way to the Children’s Hospital for me to have an operation that wasn’t serious – It was not my idea. I had a crooked foot apparently. Still it entailed a painful needle in my thigh to make me fall asleep and […]

365 Drawings - Drawing 6: Sunset over the Gulf Islands

365 Drawings - Drawing 5: Christmas Tree against a Red Barn

Poem: Motorbike

Motorbike Written May 10, 2017   We were in a car a bunch of us girls, on our way to somewhere in the city, approaching the Alex Fraser Bridge, from the Richmond side, it was maybe 1991. All the lanes and curbs and speed when I looked out the back seat window and saw a […]

Poem: Highway One

  Highway One Written June 10, 2017   There is nothing ordinary about this. We are on our way along Highway One through the Fraser Canyon. My Mom and Dad, sister, and Grandpa going up to Fraser Lake for Thanksgiving. It is a rare thing traveling up this way. I start to know the order […]

365 Drawings - Drawing 4: Interior – Room on Powell

Poem: Building Forts

Building Forts Written June 14, 2017   Things about building forts: It can take an afternoon. You work until the tide comes in. You find the biggest driftwood closer to the tracks, near the boulders. I can’t tell you how they got there, around and above the boulders leading up off the beach. I don’t […]

Poem: Early Morning Bus to Manchester

    Early Morning Bus to Manchester Written June 12, 2017   It is dark, 5:30 in the morning. I’m leaving to take the early bus into Manchester that I catch at the stop on Chester Road just up the cobbled alley at the end of our street, and I’ve ran from my door to […]

365 Drawings - Drawing 3: Cotton Candy

Poem: Challenger

Challenger Written May 11, 2017 I wandered downstairs and turned on the tv, sat about a foot away from it still half asleep on a break between semesters my last year of highschool. I thought of the new classes I would take when I got back to school and the ones I had finished for […]

365 Drawings - Drawing 2: Tarika on the radiator

365 Drawings - Drawing 1: Cola tin and Coffee Mug

Poem: After the Game

After the Game Written May 7, 2017 I got off from Nottingham at Stoke-on-Trent, and proceeded to Platform 2 for the Macclesfield train. Climbing up the steps I see first one police officer, then more standing and waiting together. I see no commotion and I’ve heard no warnings of bombs or other trouble. But the […]

Poem: Steps

Steps Written May 25, 2017   I see underneath the train cars to the other side, the wheels and the blur of grass between them. Box cars, caboose, waving, moving, red cars one after another, some roofless. Some full of what looks like black sugar but I know it is coal. The same thing every […]

Poem: School-bus

School-Bus Written June 25, 2017 When I was seven I left the ocean behind me and walked uphill to school. I walked past the vacant lot of blackberries and Twilight the horse in his yard. A school-bus sat empty outside the fence, outside the basketball court, outside the school. But the school-bus wasn’t for me. […]

Poem: 1976

1976 Written June 20, 2017 They were all songs from 1976. I didn’t want to bus it to Main Street. In the back seat I looked down at my toes in my new high heeled shoes as the cab drove down Pender. I had my nose pierced that afternoon. Twenty years after the last time. […]

Poem: Ferry

Ferry Written April 6, 2017 We never went on one together. Passengers start to fill rows, setting down backpacks at their feet. Listen to the engine hum for an hour as we push from the mainland to the horizon above Georgia Strait. I could read theme park brochures, or look at the gift shop souvenirs. […]

Poem: Mistakes

Mistakes Written Oct 18, 2017 Why didn’t I wear wellies? The rain collects on the street in large puddles. It is because I didn’t feel like it, which is fine. If there was a list of mistakes and I had to wear a sign around my neck: Didn’t wear wellies. Didn’t put on gloves for […]

Poem: Cow and Coyote

Cow and Coyote Written Oct 18, 2017 The cow was in the field as it was a fair night. He stood by the fence and a coyote approached out of a wood. But the cow knew him and spoke to him in a friendly way. The coyote sat down by the fence. The cow says […]

Poem: What’s for Breakfast?

What’s for Breakfast? Written Oct 15, 2017   Is there a poem? A scribbling on paper before washing your face. A sunrise. A step outside on the porch to breathe the pre-rush-hour air. A splash of frozen orange on a mountainside. Is there coffee, black, 2 creams, milk, or soy milk? Is it a morning […]

Poem: On-Street Parking

  On-Street Parking Written June 1, 2017   Sometimes I wake long before you. Watch you sleep. Sneak pizza from the fridge. Play solitaire on my phone until the alarm goes off for you to go feed the meter – a clock radio that blurts out a buzzing noise. It is because of the on-street […]

Poem: Train

Train Written May 27, 2017   What if you see a painting of an empty train tunnel, all stone walls and hot rolled steel but you hear an invisible train approaching closer until the sound is almost ear splitting. What if you could enter into the peace of this painting, this tunnel, before the train […]

Poem: McLarens

      McLarens Written May 28, 2017 It is hot. I see the McLaren. Gills like a fish. Like bright crayon colours down Georgia or parked in front of the Fairmount Pacific. Like the brightness in a crayoned picture: Building houses Rivers Rainbows Trucks made of boxes. The McLarens are in the sea of […]

Poem: Four

  Four Written June 11, 2017   It is sunny and I sit on our lawn. It’s Sunday but we are not going to church for some reason. The church is white with a bell and a steeple on the other side of the ravine. Since I am here and not in church I hear […]