Daily Archives | November 9, 2017

Poem: Mistakes

Mistakes Written Oct 18, 2017 Why didn’t I wear wellies? The rain collects on the street in large puddles. It is because I didn’t feel like it, which is fine. If there was a list of mistakes and I had to wear a sign around my neck: Didn’t wear wellies. Didn’t put on gloves for […]

Poem: Cow and Coyote

Cow and Coyote Written Oct 18, 2017 The cow was in the field as it was a fair night. He stood by the fence and a coyote approached out of a wood. But the cow knew him and spoke to him in a friendly way. The coyote sat down by the fence. The cow says […]

Poem: What’s for Breakfast?

What’s for Breakfast? Written Oct 15, 2017   Is there a poem? A scribbling on paper before washing your face. A sunrise. A step outside on the porch to breathe the pre-rush-hour air. A splash of frozen orange on a mountainside. Is there coffee, black, 2 creams, milk, or soy milk? Is it a morning […]