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Poem: Taxi

Taxi Written May 2, 2017 Listening to Cheap Trick, Come on, Come on. It is ten to six, and getting light. I sit writing poetry on the kitchen counter before work. My clothes turn in the washing machine. Streets are dark with rain that I never saw. I slept through it. Never heard it under […]

365 Drawings - Drawing 28: Funky Winker Beans Interior #3, The Bar, Watercolor and Acrylic on Paper

365 Drawings - Drawing 27: Interior #2, Pat’s Pub and Brewhouse, Vancouver, Watercolor and Acrylic on paper

Poem: Train to Seattle

Train to Seattle Written May 9, 2017 I’m on the train to Seattle. It’s 2013 and I haven’t met you yet. It is slow getting out of the station on Main not like the British trains in a rush to go everywhere as soon as they can. It goes over the trestles on the Fraser […]

Poem: Pennies

  Pennies Written May 7, 2017   I know there is a train coming on the Burlington Northern line. I can see it around the corner on the way from the border. It will slow down as it travels along the beach. Pick up speed as it goes by the trees below Marine. I’m on […]

365 Drawings - Drawing 26: Funky Winker Beans #2

365 Drawings - Drawing 25: Funky Winker Beans #1

Poem: Kittens in January

  Kittens in January Written June 18, 2017   They were 13 weeks the kittens when I picked them up from the foster home. With them in a carrier I walked along the path of hard-packed snow and ice. The street wasn’t plowed or shovelled so I tried not to shift the carrier too much. […]

Poem: Sunglasses

  Sunglasses Written June 1, 2017 Before the tunnel there is the sign to take off your sunglasses. You put them on the dashboard. If you are driving into the tunnel with sunglasses no matter how expensive they are it will be too dark to see where you are going. Only if it was sunny […]

365 Drawings - Drawing 24: Princeton Bar & Grill, Vancouver

Waves Coffee – Main and Hastings, Vancouver, Watercolour on Paper

Poem: Rock Festival 1991

Rock Festival Written June 9, 2017 We are leaving the rock festival in Tsawwassen. The sun has almost left completely. We head in the direction of the ferry terminal. But we aren’t going there. I smell warm dirt, warm grass, unwashed pavement through the open car windows. We are listening to James Taylor, Sweet Baby […]

Poem: Nice Girl

Nice Girl Written July 16, 2017 What makes a nice girl? Can I get pissed off? Do I need to wear sensible shoes? Can I say if I’m broke? Or do I have to keep that quiet. Is that not ladylike. Can I say Fuck? Bollocks? Fucking bollocks? Shit? Can I write honest poetry? Can […]

Interior, Pats Pub and Brewhouse, Vancouver, Acrylic on Paper

Poem: Alone

Alone Written June 20, 2017   We bought pie at the late night place on Hastings. After two in the morning. Apple and lemon meringue. Carried it home in containers. Ate it on the bed with plastic forks. Finished leftovers reading the Saturday papers. Listening to Pagliaro. Some Sing Some Dance. I thought about when […]

Interior, Room over LanaLous, Powell, Vancouver Acrylic on Paper, March 2016

Original sketch done March 2016. Painted December 2017.

Poem: Roses

Roses Written December 11, 2016   I saw the roses from the kitchen window on one of the last days before school end. It had been sunny the last fortnight and shorts were the norm. I was glad to leave my jacket behind before leaving for the bus on the last early mornings. The roses […]

Interior at East Hastings Coin Laundry, Vancouver, Watercolor, Acrylic and Felt tip

Poem: Green

Green Written July 4, 2017   There is no green in this poem. I can’t find a green pencil crayon in my bag. Only mint. For some reason I want green. A grass green or a forest green. Even though there is no park. There is no greenway, nor plants or trees around. Not even […]

365 Drawings - Drawing 19: Interior of Pat’s Pub and Brewhouse, Vancouver

365 Drawings - Drawing 18: Woodpecker

Poem: Ash

Ash Written July 4, 2017 I had cut the grass on the Saturday. Pushed the mower around the lawn. Followed the cut fringe where I had already been in circles. I was nervous about mowing the last outside foot of the yard along the hedges. The garden snakes would sleep in along the hedge roots. […]

Poem: Poem 17

  Poem 17 Written June 22, 2017 I’m walking to the station. Leaving the business district. Dodging the firework crowds that pour down the sidewalks. On the subway I feel like I’m escaping. I unsnap my pink wallet and check I have cash for cover. The train moves silently under the city. It moves under […]

365 Drawings - Drawing 17: Killer Whale (Orca)

365 Drawings - Drawing 16: Snow Leopard

Poem: Transatlantic Flight

Transatlantic Flight Written May 13, 2017 I see them on the tarmac at Manchester Airport. My two English cats in their carrier. Recognize their crate and the sticker where I wrote their names with a sharpie. There have been delays and storms over Iceland are to blame, so we still wait. I’m sure our plane’s […]

Poem: Raft

Raft Written May 17, 2017   I don’t know who built the raft, it was big, heavy, unsinkable, and parked by the bulrushes when unoccupied. We stood on it wearing life-jackets and poked the boggy floor of the shallows with a stick, steering past the dock and diving board towards the bay’s middle. If you […]

365 Drawings - Drawing 15: Deer Study

365 Drawings - Drawing 14: Wolf Study

Poem: Frog and Snake

Frog and Snake Written Sep 24, 2016   Down by the lake’s edge I could see, in the shady water a frog half swallowed by a snake. His head was in the snake’s throat, his legs stuck out the snake mouth in frog position, frog knees bent. The snake wasn’t moving much as she was […]