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365 Drawings - Drawing 49: Transport

365 Drawings - Drawing 47: Time Travel

Poem: Time Travel

  Time Travel Written May 20, 2017   Grandpa’s white ford in the garage behind the house is a ’52 or a ’56. We sit in the front seat on the wool blanket that covers the cracks in burgundy leather. Farm kittens rest paws outstretched On the hood. Past the shiny gear leaver, Over the […]

Poem: Grocery Shopping

  Grocery Shopping Written June 27, 2017 On the way to the store I see things out the window that cars and drivers leave behind: cigarette butts on the road shoulder; hubcaps in the grass by the road. But what I need to find are coins. When we get to the grocery store, I realize […]

Poem: Mountains

  Mountains Written Dec 10, 2017 I awoke after midnight. Look up from my pillow. Where did the mountains go? That’s one thing the darkness takes away. I’m not sure where they go. The raccoons, skunks, coyotes disappear, Scamper back into hedges, ravines and forests. The mountains reappear again when I am up drinking coffee. […]

Poem: Landing

    Landing Written May 7, 2017   We stopped at Iceland and I stared out the window at the barren landscape at the airport as we refueled. Now we are over Vancouver and skies are clear. The plane circles over sparkling water, blue inlets, and mountains still with snow on. I haven’t seen this […]

365 Drawings - Drawing 40: The Heron Tree – Pastel on Paper October 2015

365 Drawings - Drawing 36: Santa in White Rock Snowboarding – Acrylic on Canvas Panel

365 Drawings - Drawing 34: Christmas Illustration Interior – Pencil Crayon and Watercolour on paper

365 Drawings - Drawing 28: Funky Winker Beans Interior #3, The Bar, Watercolor and Acrylic on Paper

365 Drawings - Drawing 27: Interior #2, Pat’s Pub and Brewhouse, Vancouver, Watercolor and Acrylic on paper

Waves Coffee – Main and Hastings, Vancouver, Watercolour on Paper

Interior, Pats Pub and Brewhouse, Vancouver, Acrylic on Paper

Interior, Room over LanaLous, Powell, Vancouver Acrylic on Paper, March 2016

Original sketch done March 2016. Painted December 2017.

Interior at East Hastings Coin Laundry, Vancouver, Watercolor, Acrylic and Felt tip


  We were talking about hitchhiking. I asked if you ever had. I thought it was illegal now, but it’s not. But still I would never have tried it as a teenager. I was always too afraid I think. Had the dangers of it reinforced in my thinking at a young age. I always listened […]