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From Galicia

In 1897, two days before her 17th birthday, Antonina boarded the SS Prussia in Hamburg along with some of her family – her father, her brother and two sisters. They were sailing to Halifax, and would reach Canada eleven days later, then would make their way to Manitoba. Her mother and her youngest sister sailed several months later, going […]

The Ghost that Haunted Al Capone

Eastern State Penitentiary – where “Jimmy” the ghost that haunted Al Capone first frequented   Al Capone was in Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia for a one year sentence. He was arrested on a concealed weapons charge in May 1929. This was his first jail sentence. Eastern State was also where other prisoners first became […]

Lizzie Dean the Jilted Scullery Maid

sun inn

  Lizzie Dean was a scullery maid that used to work at the Sun Inn, in Chipping, Preston in the early 1800’s in Lancashire, England. She was a pretty, pleasant girl who used to wear colorful clothing. In 1835 she met a local man of substance who said he loved her. He proposed to her […]

The Pirate Bay – broken but not dead

  DON’T PANIC. If you try to open The Pirate Bay’s site, you will get an error message. This is only temporary, and due to a power outage on its servers, The Pirate Bay team have confirmed, according to Torrent Freak. The Pirate Bay are now saying on their Facebook page that it could be […]

Ghosts of Winnats Pass, Derbyshire.

winnats pass

Since Halloween is a month away, I thought I would do a few blog posts about my favourite ghost stories. The first one is about the ghosts of Winnats Pass, in Derbyshire, England. Winnats Pass is a narrow limestone gorge which lies  west of the village of Castleton in the High Peak area of Derbyshire. […]

Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Oscar Wilde and The Happy Prince.

My favorite story as a child was The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde. My Grandparents were responsible for me reading the story, as they had it on their bookshelf, beside the loveseat in their apartment where I used to sit and read when we used to stay over there sometimes. My Grandpa would be watching […]

Yunel Escobar should NOT have been suspended

  I’m browsing through my Twitter feed earlier this week, and suddenly I see something on Barry Davis’s feed about the incident with Yunel Escobar on Saturday and whether he will do a press conference in English as he never has before. I thought, wait a minute, what’s going on here?  I gradually became updated […]

Marilyn Monroe – 50 years without her

When the future dies, our imaginations are compelled to carry it on – Gloria Steinem. Last weekend we marked the 50th Anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death. My first thought was, has it really been 50 years? Her staying power has been remarkable. Especially since it was estimated last century that someone’s influence in popular culture […]

London Marathon 2005 – How not to run a marathon

I had participated a lot in sports when I was in school, and ran cross country and track, but never really trained properly. But in my early 30’s I started running again, and sometime late in 2004 I decided to run my first marathon.

Local History #1 – Elgin Hall

elgin hall

  There were hundreds of times growing up in the Surrey/White Rock area where I was in the car with Mom and Dad and we for some reason or other drove past the Elgin Hall on the way to go shopping somewhere or visit family. Me sitting in the back seat watching all the green […]

The Pogues

I lived in England for many years, and when I moved back to Canada I realized I had forgotten something. I had forgotten to see the Pogues.

Green Day, Independence Day

Last night (July 4, 2009) I went to GM Place in Vancouver to see Green Day. Some fascinating aspects of the evening: the energy, the volcanic black hair, the collection of confiscated spiky belts in a plastic bin outside the gate (by request of the band). I hoped that no one was depending on their […]