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Vancouver FanClub, and BBC Radio 6: John Peel Sessions

  In the 90’s I lived with someone in England for a few years who was 14 years my senior, and was interested in music. He was old enough, that the Beach Boys albums he had, he actually bought them when they came out. He had been to a couple of the big rock shows […]

Bullying – How many suicides before we do something about it?

person sitting in hallway

  “I like to point out that our nature is basically compassionate because we are social animals. What brings us together is love and affection.” – Dalai Lama I wrote this blog piece a couple of weeks ago, and I wasn’t going to post it because I hadn’t really felt the need, and I had […]

Sunday Morning Speed Work

I have never been a “fast” runner, but five or six years ago, I was usually averaging a 10 min per mile pace, and sometimes faster after events. When I had moved back to Canada in late 2007, I had just done my 3rd marathon in Florence, Italy, and I had done some training runs […]

Some days…

    A few years ago I had moved in with my partner at the time I had noticed the inside of the front door of the house, in the hall, was covered with a thick plastic and stapled all around fairly roughly, so as to keep out the cold, but it was all rather […]

Whistler: Changes in the Weather

We were at Whistler last month in the middle of one of the heat-waves. I say one of the heat waves because although it has just felt like one biggy, it was a few days before the day I stood on my sundeck at home and gagged in amazement at the thermometer outside that said […]

School Days

picture kids at lunch table

One of the items that made up my school lunch, if not my mother’s home made chocolate chip cookies (Chipits recipe – it’s the best) were Ding Dongs – and they improved my day greatly. Unwrapping the foil, which enabled young cretins to be able to take it in our lunches without the chocolate glaze […]


What I had in my lunch for school as a child was fairly standard. I would have the typical sandwich, piece of fruit, plus fruit cake or homemade cookies or something similar and a cut up vegetable like celery or carrots. Often at lunch the topic of conversation was about what kind of sandwich you […]