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  I blamed the March rain, because I wanted to go to the lake. I looked out the window at the droplets pooling against the glass. I  wanted to see the ducklings in Turtle Bay, but Mum and Dad said the weather was too cold and rainy. It was Spring Break. Back in those days, […]

A Maple Leaf (for Remembrance Day)


It was a town right by the sea and the small white house was right by the sea front, the door opened and there was the road and there was the stone wall and over that you could see the harbor and the boats tied to their docks. There was a smell of salty sea […]

A Ghost Story – Short Fiction

retro record player

She poured herself a glass of port and looked out the windows onto the moors, and the road towards Peak Forest. A mist had moved in and she couldn’t see any moon or stars, and she drew the curtain over the front door and stoked the coal fire. She sat back on the settee to […]