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I am at the lake in the usual way lying on the dock reading comic books maybe eight or nine years old when my uncle asks me if I want to try to waterski. I had seen my cousins, older than me, long limbed and skilled on the water fly across the lake being towed […]

Turtle Bay

We took two canoes. My uncle and me in one and my cousins in the other. My uncle sat in front. We brought along buckets to fill with water. Some of them were ice-cream pails and some weren’t. Every time he lifted his oar from the surface I would watch the water drip off of […]

Drug Raid in Macclesfield

They always looked out the window when they heard the sound from the delivery truck at the pub saying ‘This vehicle is reversing’ as it backed into our street to turn around. After dark that evening we saw the flashing lights of some black police riot squad van which shot to the crossing by the […]

Julian Cope

  That night the train stopped on the way home, in the middle of nowhere. We had been in to see Julian Cope play at the Academy in Manchester. At one point he disappeared backstage for a costume change and returned wearing a matching outfit of alligator print leggings and a sleeveless top. From Manchester […]

Manhattan, December 2013

  They looked soft and handmade, flying down from above. I know that I saw them, despite the distraction of the city’s flashing momentum.   From what I heard, each wing beat ticked. They nestled in the eaves like tiny grandfather clocks. Soft whispers muffling the traffic’s rattle, saying Hello or Look up here, I […]

Going to a Famous Dead Poet’s House on your Birthday

Once above a shop in a mill town my lemon yellow flat with the white sash windows stood out slightly on the corner far enough so that I could almost see down the middle of the street with the houses seamed together, twins in cream and pastels. In the summer a cool breeze flows from […]


Published in Staple New Writing Magazine Spring 1997


Published in Staple New Writing Magazine Winter 2000 issue


Published in West 49th Magazine at Langara Community College, 1991-1992   I cover them in cloth like I am draping the dead, or old furniture or merely painting a new room. I am afraid of drowning in windows. I fear a domestic X-ray. To be exposed to an outer radiation like a balding child that […]

Home Movies

Published in Langara’s West Forty Ninth Magazine, 1991 A countdown of flashing black and white 4-3-2-1– prepares me, warns me of this viewing. It sends me there. A wooden swing from oak tree to beach each thundering wave lashing out to lick my heels but I escape and chase the cat under the porch where […]


Published in Staple Magazine, August 1995   I notice the daffodils In the kitchen fading. But those in my room? They look like elephants Attached to a stem; An upside-down mobile Stuffed in a vase; Weary dancers Wearing sunflower hats. This was a child’s room, Too new to touch, too soft. Roots far underneath, Unarmed, […]