Poem: Cat’s Adventure

Cat’s Adventure

Written June 18, 2017.

The cats are both eight months.
I put them in the pink stroller.
Rainy days, polka-dotted,
it sits in the front room.
They pounce on it.
Sometimes sleep in there.

On days that are suitable
we do Robson, Denman, Coal Harbour.
I get mistaken for pushing a baby in it.

Today in the sunshine we go Hastings,
past the Sears Tower, the SFU campus.
I bring some water in the carrier below.
They sit quiet and look out the back window.
Even as we reach Main and Hastings
I hear an ‘effin cats’!
Talk to a woman who says she
is here visiting but
couldn’t bring her dog from
Victoria because it went into heat, and
I don’t know what to say about this
except to wish her a good day,
and the cats and I continue on down Pender.

When we are home and
they are unzipped from the stroller,
I’m not sure what goes through their heads.
They are back inside looking out
the floor to ceiling windows
watching the seagulls glide from
lightposts to rain gutters fifteen floors up.


by Wendy Stewart

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