Poem: Conditions for Dreaming

Whitsunday Dreaming by Jackie Peach

Conditions for Dreaming

Written October 15, 2017

Are you asleep?
Or is it a daything.
If a daything classrooms are good.
Sitting in desks
Especially out a window with a view.

Could you catch a dream?
Not with one of those crochet catchers,
But say, with a butterfly net.
Say there was a dream in the air
Hovering outside an open window
An upstairs window.
It looks like a shiny cloud,
Like a heat wave.
It’s kind of wavy.
About the size of a shoe box.

I caught this dream and
Caught it with a butterfly net,
Put in in a jar for later and
Fastened the lid.

Get the things you need ready:
Do you need a kiss under a tree
A Ted Talk
A memory in your change purse?

Wait for night to fall.
Open the jar.
The dream should still smell fresh –
A bit like lily of the valley but
Not so strong.
Breath it in then lay down
And wait to fall asleep.

by Wendy Stewart



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