Poem: Cow and Coyote

Cow and Coyote

Written Oct 18, 2017

The cow was in the field
as it was a fair night.
He stood by the fence and a
coyote approached out of a wood.
But the cow knew him and spoke
to him in a friendly way.
The coyote sat down by the fence.

The cow says he likes the full moon
and the owls in the trees.

The coyote says he admires
the stars above and the clearest sky.

The cow says he fears the
threat of mountain lions and of wolves.

The coyote says he hates the
dark unknown in alleys, and the drunks in town.

A child is falling to sleep in the house nearby.
He savours the cool air from the open window.
He dreads the nightmare’s shadow
that sneaks under his pillow and waits.

by Wendy Stewart

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