Full Fee Schedule



SERVICES                            RATES


Advertising, Copywriting and Public Relations

Press release                                            50¢/word


Audiovisuals & Electronic Communications

Educational/training film scripts          $100/run min

Movie novelization                                 $3000/project

Radio commercials/PSA                        $200/run min

Radio editorials & essays                      $100/run min
(no production)

Radio stories
(over 2 min with sound production)   $200/hour

Scripts for nontheatrical films for
education, business and industry      $200/run min

TV commercials/PSA                             $400/30 sec spot

TV news story                                         $90/hour

TV scripts (nontheatrical)                     $90/hour

TV scripts (teleplay/MOW)                   $200/run min


Memoir Writing

Interview sessions                                $75/hour

Writing, editing, book production      $100/hour


Book Publishing

Ghostwriting                                         $1/word

Non-fiction book writing                    $85/hour



Corporate histories, profiles, periodicals,
sales letters, newsletters                  $1/word

Editing                                                  $70/hour


Computer, Scientific and Technical    

Email copywriting                             30¢/word

Blog posts, web content                  40¢/word

Social media postings                      $10/word

Web content editing                        $50/hour


Educational and Literary Service

Private writing instruction               $50/hour

Poetry reading                                   $50/event

Writing classes                                   $150/class



Ghostwriting articles                       $1/word

Trade journal feature article          $1/word

Editing                                                $50/hour



Local column                                     60¢/word

Feature writing                                  50¢/word

Long form journalism                      60¢/word

Obituary copy                                    $100/story

Stringing                                             $100/story



Non-profit writing                            $100/hour

Non-profit editing                            $50/hour




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