Poem: Float Plane

                              Alaska Landscape – Sue Perez

Float Plane

Written June 7, 2017


From the dock I hear a faint plane drone in the distance.
It has no meaning.
I don’t assume it is heading to our lake.

It gets louder though til finally I see it over the trees
on the edge of the bay across from us,
probably a mile or two away.

it looks like a small white toy
but its sound lands on the lake and increases tenfold
like the sound itself ignites and shatters
filling the whole span of the lake.

I am sure that the water and cabins and arbutus trees
recognize this clammer from before.

They know it already
With the noise ten times bigger
than the plane still in the air.

Before the pilot descends below the tree line
I see him turn over the water and redirect to find room
In part of the lake that I cannot see
and the sound changes to more
of a big hum in a barrel
where the plane has gone to get more space.

I assume it has landed
and think what it must be like to be the pilot of
a little plane with a big noise on a lake
instead of the captain of a big plane
with a silent thought over an ocean.


by Wendy Stewart

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