Poem: Frog and Snake

Frog and Snake

Written Sep 24, 2016


Down by the lake’s edge I could see, in the shady water
a frog half swallowed by a snake.

His head was in the snake’s throat, his legs stuck out the snake
mouth in frog position, frog knees bent.

The snake wasn’t moving much as she was busy trying to
swallow the rest of the frog.

The frog looked like he wanted to move but obviously could not.

The water was shallow and clear, three feet deep and
four feet from the shoreline.

I reached down quickly, in a split second grabbed hold of the snake
and everything changed.

She lost concentration and loosened her grip and the frog
made a run for it.

He swam to where the frogs with second chances go.


by Wendy Stewart


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