Poem: Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping – Wendy Stewart Drawing #48


Grocery Shopping

Written June 27, 2017

On the way to the store
I see things out the window
that cars and drivers leave behind:
cigarette butts on the road shoulder;
hubcaps in the grass by the road.
But what I need to find are coins.

When we get to the grocery store,
I realize this everywhere I look:
the gumball machine
filled with a million colours;
the coin operated horse
motionless by the door.

I have no nickels and dimes
and I get noes as I put in my requests
to enjoy these facilities,
as the loaded shopping cart
crosses the foyer
to the doors that swing open.

And when we get to the car
the brown grocery bags
get set on and around
the spare tire in the trunk.
I look down onto the
various coloured boxes
at the top of the brown bags
before the trunk is closed.

Then I do a ground search.
This was where the coins often
abandoned their owners
through holes in pockets,
but today I see nothing.


by Wendy Stewart

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