Two Children and Cat by the Window

Published in Staple New Writing Magazine Spring 1997

We stood tall against the white sill.
Corduroy hoops slipped off of shoulders,
Fell over sleeves. Jam breath

Made moons low on the window.
I held a warm hand
Against her hand. Mine ended

A thimble earlier. Ridges sloped
From my clasps, matched the brown
Of her eyes. Turquoise met

Her knees, skirted a waist.
The road’s surface swelled between willows.
Friday’s stickiness collected lint

On the ledge.
Gravel crunched under tires.
We flew out of the house, as a metal

Door shut. We
Hurried along the walk, to the arms
That became bagfulls of shopping.

To the likeness in the small apricot
Below the mouth, that odd wave
Of hair over her ear.



Painting by Nicolas Tarkhoff

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