Poem: Jet Trail



                    Jet Trail Sunset – David Henley

Jet Trail

Written June 25, 2017


I laid on the lawn and looked at the
expanse of blue sky, pure it was except for the
Jet trail that appeared in the middle and
stretched across like a white ribbon on
a blue tablecloth.

I lay on the lawn, feeling the sun soft on my
face, May sun, and could feel the blades of grass
poking at the back of my ears.

I didn’t notice this jet trail a minute ago.
I had my eyes closed when the plane
left it in their wake high in the atmosphere
taking little notice of me lying on the lawn
underneath miles below.

This is the same grass we play lawn darts
on the same lawn that I crossed in bare feet
to fill the bird bath with a container of water
and returned with a bee sting on my foot.

There are other things to look at here:
the roses on the trellis or the fir trees
with their sappy trunks beyond the flower bed.

But I don’t know how long this jet trail
will last in this blue sky, and don’t want to chance
that if I close my eyes and forget,
that I will wake to find it gone.


By Wendy Stewart

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