Poem: Kittens in January


Kittens in January

Written June 18, 2017


They were 13 weeks the kittens when I picked them
up from the foster home.

With them in a carrier I walked along the path
of hard-packed snow and ice.

The street wasn’t plowed or shovelled so I tried not
to shift the carrier too much.

I stood waiting for the taxi, balancing on the icy corner
in my snowboots.

How cold would they feel I worried and did they
understand where they were going?

My phone rang, the taxi driver calling to say he had
the wrong address.

He was stuck on the next street and the driving was
slow due to the snow.

I have two kittens in a carrier I said, and I don’t want
them to get cold.

I hung up and looked down through the latch door
searching for the eyes to make contact with the
two that I hardly knew.

One had tried to go through my purse on the rug.

The other fell asleep in the empty leg of my
snowy boot by the door.

They only looked as if they too were waiting
when the cab arrived.

High speed exploration and attack of the handmedown
cat toys made the icy street corner forgotten.

Once home and let out everything went up to eleven.

by Wendy Stewart

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