Poem: Mistakes

Cafe on a Rainy Day – Celito Medeiros


Written Oct 18, 2017

Why didn’t I wear wellies?
The rain collects on the street
in large puddles.
It is because I didn’t feel like it,
which is fine.

If there was a list of mistakes
and I had to wear a sign around my neck:
Didn’t wear wellies.
Didn’t put on gloves for the cold.
Forgot glasses.
Fucked up contact lens in eye.

A skip in the good song
on a second hand record.

Take away the bad things to make a good day:
The Pouring rain
Rotten smells
Annoying traffic
Cold food that should be hot.

I am warm out of the rain.
I drink coffee.
I have enough money to
not be hungry for a while.
My feet will dry.
And it is only today that counts.

by Wendy Stewart


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