Poem: Mountains

Mountains – (Drawing #50)



Written Dec 10, 2017

I awoke after midnight.
Look up from my pillow.
Where did the mountains go?
That’s one thing the darkness takes away.
I’m not sure where they go.

The raccoons, skunks, coyotes disappear,
Scamper back into hedges, ravines and forests.
The mountains reappear again
when I am up drinking coffee.

They are big things to hide
but somehow the night does it.

It does something with the sun as well.
It’s the sun that makes new starts.
Lights up the shadows.
Raises day temperatures.

Sometimes there are clouds.
Years ago, after-school,
we would sit in the hall on the bench and
knock the chalk clouds out of the brushes.
The clouds are like that.
Like they’ve been knocked out of somewhere.
Shaken out of a rainforest or pounded out of stones.

The sun is here today though, with no clouds.
A curtain of 12000 songs across a window
Newspapers, documentaries, Netflix, movies.
Ouch. I cut my finger on a pencil sharpener.
Wonder how the blood of a cold sunset still waits
on the horizon.


by Wendy Stewart

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