Poem: Nice Girl

Deserted Streets of Paris after the Rain – Sergey Lukashin

Nice Girl

Written July 16, 2017

What makes a nice girl?
Can I get pissed off?
Do I need to wear sensible shoes?
Can I say if I’m broke?
Or do I have to keep that quiet.
Is that not ladylike.
Can I say Fuck? Bollocks? Fucking bollocks? Shit?
Can I write honest poetry?
Can I express my thoughts on the internet?
I bet I keep regular appointments, dentist, doctor.
I bet I have perfect hair, ironed before leaving the house.
Can I wear a lot of black?
What if I don’t wear pastel?
Can I love the cool smokey guys that drink in leather jackets.
Can I go buy beer and drink it alone?
What if I gesture only if needed?
What if I have messy hair?
What if I can’t afford perfume?
Have a pierced nose or lip or eyebrow?
Do I walk where there is drug use and homelessness?
Do I go to the Foodbank when I run out of food?
Do I nightwalk alone through bad neighborhoods?
Do I ever find myself homeless?
Do I ever find myself?
What makes a nice girl?

by Wendy Stewart

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