Poem: 1976


Written June 20, 2017

They were all songs from 1976.
I didn’t want to bus it to Main Street.
In the back seat I looked down at my toes
in my new high heeled shoes
as the cab drove down Pender.

I had my nose pierced that afternoon.
Twenty years after the last time.
With a needle they do it these days.
Dyed my hair pink semipermanent.
Wondered if it would last the week.

As we drove closer to the club
the songs were already with me:
Flamin’ Groovies Shake some Action.
Tom Petty American Girl.

I was the first person there.
I saved a table and texted the rest,
saying it was time to forget work.
The music was here.
Friends, family, loved one.
Then leather jackets thrown on the booth.
Guitar cases and beer pints on the table.
The sound of a fender bass.
And then so there was the Judys.
Then it was 1976.

By Wendy Stewart

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