The Trees Outside

tree trunks in a forest

Sometimes you can have a day of work, where a couple of things happen, and you think, that was not my worse day at work ever, because I remember when that day was, because a certain thing, or a few things happened, which qualified it for that category. I have had many days where I […]


candles on cake in dark

I thought about something that used to be in the cake – quarters, or dimes wrapped in cling film. If I had a piece of cake with a quarter in it, it was a really big deal. Sometimes it would be obvious you would get the quarter, because when Mom was cutting the cake, you […]

No Regrets – Monica Lewinsky and “Shame and Survival”


In January of 1998 I was living in Derbyshire at the time, far away from my home in Canada. I was six months shy of my 30th birthday, and it was six months after I had graduated with a writing degree from the University of Derby.

Here, in New York.

Park Avenue (public domain)

A few months ago a colleague and I went out at lunch and we stopped by the cobbler shop in the Bentall Center in Vancouver. Usually, I took my cowboy boots that needed mending in there and my friend wanted to ask the ‘shoe man’ as I called him, something. After talking with him we […]

Strawberry Fields – December 8, 2013

photo at imagine

  I realized before I went to New York in December I was going to be there on the 8th, on what would be 33 years since John Lennon’s death. Looking at my calendar, I had planned to be there for the Capital’s game that night at Madison Square Garden and then I realized the […]

1475 Broadway – Happy New Year!

early morning Times Square

I spent plenty of New Year’s Eves babysitting as a teenager. These were good babysitting jobs, sitting for nice people who left snacks out for you on the kitchen counter and had a newer TV than Mom and Dad’s at home. I started babysitting when I was eleven after I had taken a course, and […]

Lost in Tribeca

I intended to go running on my first trip to New York this month. I knew I would be disappointed if I lost my nerve. I wanted to run through Times Square when it was empty. I wanted to run up Broadway.

The First Snow

The first snow I saw this winter was on my second day in New York earlier this month. I was getting ready to go to the Washington Capitals game against the Rangers at Madison Square Garden. It was my first time in New York so I had never been to Madison Square Garden before and […]

A Ghost Story – Short Fiction

retro record player

She poured herself a glass of port and looked out the windows onto the moors, and the road towards Peak Forest. A mist had moved in and she couldn’t see any moon or stars, and she drew the curtain over the front door and stoked the coal fire. She sat back on the settee to […]

The Home Child

It was a Sunday in Dauphin, Manitoba, the day my Great-Grandfather Arthur decided to take his own life. He was a farmer, and at around 5 o’clock in the evening that day, he shot himself in the head with a .22 rifle. He was 59 years old. The day was June 19, 1932. I am […]

From Galicia

In 1897, two days before her 17th birthday, Antonina boarded the SS Prussia in Hamburg along with some of her family – her father, her brother and two sisters. They were sailing to Halifax, and would reach Canada eleven days later, then would make their way to Manitoba. Her mother and her youngest sister sailed several months later, going […]

On Writing and Stuff…

pen and notebook

When I was in my senior year in high school one afternoon a bunch of us sat in the bleacher-like seats in the classroom where I normally played my flute in band. I was sitting in the second to last row near the back, and that day I believe it was some type of career […]

Gemini – Kits Stories

In the late eighties, for a little while I worked on Robson Street at a clothing shop called Gemini. It was one of the last old clothing shops on the street before all the expensive chain stores moved in to the neighbourhood.  Soon there would be a Chanel shop nearby and already a big pink loungerie […]

The Big Green Building

planetarium and green building

Another place I lived in during the Kits era, was the big green monster building by the Burrard Bridge. I only lived there for around six to eight months. I spent a lot of my time there playing solitaire, eating greek salad, staring out at the lights of the city and listening to Stevie Ray […]


view from kits beach

I’ve only been on EI, employment insurance once. I was 19 or 20 and living in Kits. I had worked in a few retail stores, and I was at a shop called Jai on Broadway, on Broadway. It was ideal because I only lived a couple of blocks away at the time. I lived in […]

Oscar the Cat

Dennys sign photo

In 1987 after my 19th birthday, I decided I wanted to move from White Rock to Vancouver. This was mostly because White Rock was too far from what my desires were getting to be, which was to have a place of my own and be able to go out and see bands in Vancouver, without […]

My Old School

picture of Semi

It is 1972. I am around 4 years old and it is the week before Christmas. It’s in the evening, and my sister and I are in one of the classrooms on the second floor of Semiahmoo Senior Secondary School. I think we only had one car back then, so Dad would have driven Mom […]

Summer of 1972

I am sitting on the lawn of the first house I ever lived in. I am going to say it is the summer of 1972, and probably just before or after my fourth birthday in July. The lawn is like a large green expanse with the edges sloping down, and I am sitting in the […]

Vancouver FanClub, and BBC Radio 6: John Peel Sessions

  In the 90’s I lived with someone in England for a few years who was 14 years my senior, and was interested in music. He was old enough, that the Beach Boys albums he had, he actually bought them when they came out. He had been to a couple of the big rock shows […]

Almost New Years

Growing up we used to go to a place called Sakinaw Lake on the Sunshine Coast. We used to spend time there in the summer as my Dad was a teacher and that was when he had his holidays. There were a couple of wooden docks there by our cabins, where we would sit out […]

Little Saint Nick

little saint nick 45

    I finally saw the Beach Boys play at Expo ‘86. I was 18 that summer and worked at one of the McDonalds there. That’s what I remember about Expo ’86, walking out of the wrong end of the Expo site when I was leaving for home, and ending up in a really bad […]

The worse Christmas ever?

cats, snow and fir tree

What ever happened to the 24 hour flu? The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says it doesn’t exist. I know that one Christmas morning as I kid, I woke up with it. So I believe in the 24 hour flu. Christmas Eve I felt fine. Christmas morning I woke up feeling like barfing, alerted […]

Quarterbacks, Superstars and What Ifs – Greg Cook

photo of Greg Cook

I remember in my first year of Junior High I started having to take the bus to school for the first time. In elementary school I had just walked up the hill, and school started at 9. I was at the big school now, and it started just after 8, and I had to take […]


persimmon painting

Today I ate a persimmon that I bought from the store yesterday. I’d never seen them in there before. I looked for them a few months back. Suddenly, they’re they are. Must be in season. It says on the sticker they are from New Zealand. The last and first time I ate a persimmon I […]

Farrah Fawcett painting by Andy Warhol – The Dispute

andy warhol farrah fawcett painting

Three girls stand in the dust of the playground making a decision as to who is going to be who. We are playing Charlie’s Angels and if you want to bagsy the role of Jill Munroe played by Farrah Fawcett, you had better be quick about it.

My Grandpa and the War – For Remembrance Day

poppies painting

Ertha Kitt used to scare me. I mean no disrespect to her memory. It was just a stupid little reaction kids have. When you see an adult on TV and you don’t understand them. I saw her once on TV when I was at my grandparents- my Mom’s parents at their apartment. She looked like […]

The Ghost that Haunted Al Capone

Eastern State Penitentiary – where “Jimmy” the ghost that haunted Al Capone first frequented   Al Capone was in Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia for a one year sentence. He was arrested on a concealed weapons charge in May 1929. This was his first jail sentence. Eastern State was also where other prisoners first became […]

Bullying – How many suicides before we do something about it?

person sitting in hallway

  “I like to point out that our nature is basically compassionate because we are social animals. What brings us together is love and affection.” – Dalai Lama I wrote this blog piece a couple of weeks ago, and I wasn’t going to post it because I hadn’t really felt the need, and I had […]

Halloween as I remember it

My parents had a fair sized garden when we were kids and we had a pumpkin patch in it. For some reason we had a number of years where the patch grew enormous pumpkins. We put it down to my Dad’s seaweed fertilizer that he used to drag up from the beach. Anyway, the pumpkins […]

Lizzie Dean the Jilted Scullery Maid

sun inn

  Lizzie Dean was a scullery maid that used to work at the Sun Inn, in Chipping, Preston in the early 1800’s in Lancashire, England. She was a pretty, pleasant girl who used to wear colorful clothing. In 1835 she met a local man of substance who said he loved her. He proposed to her […]

The Pirate Bay – broken but not dead

  DON’T PANIC. If you try to open The Pirate Bay’s site, you will get an error message. This is only temporary, and due to a power outage on its servers, The Pirate Bay team have confirmed, according to Torrent Freak. The Pirate Bay are now saying on their Facebook page that it could be […]

Ghosts of Winnats Pass, Derbyshire.

winnats pass

Since Halloween is a month away, I thought I would do a few blog posts about my favourite ghost stories. The first one is about the ghosts of Winnats Pass, in Derbyshire, England. Winnats Pass is a narrow limestone gorge which lies  west of the village of Castleton in the High Peak area of Derbyshire. […]

Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Oscar Wilde and The Happy Prince.

My favorite story as a child was The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde. My Grandparents were responsible for me reading the story, as they had it on their bookshelf, beside the loveseat in their apartment where I used to sit and read when we used to stay over there sometimes. My Grandpa would be watching […]

My First Baseball Game Ever – Watching the Blue Jays In Seattle

I went for a run today, 10 miles this morning in the dark, and when I got back the sun was just coming up, but it wasn’t. I realized this is the first cloudy day we are having. We’ve been lucky this September in Vancouver. Often it can start to rain the first day that […]

Yunel Escobar should NOT have been suspended

  I’m browsing through my Twitter feed earlier this week, and suddenly I see something on Barry Davis’s feed about the incident with Yunel Escobar on Saturday and whether he will do a press conference in English as he never has before. I thought, wait a minute, what’s going on here?  I gradually became updated […]

Boston’s Self-Titled Album

  I can remember hearing Boston songs like Peace of Mind and More than a Feeling being played on the radio, as I was growing up, along with all the other big rock songs from the 70’s. In my early 20s I listened to a lot of music from the local scene, or from Seattle, […]

BodyMods Causes – Ribbons Help

This was a blog article written for BodyMods in August 2012, through working with AXIS Impact Marketing. The article was written to be published on BodyMod’s blog but was not used.   BodyMods Causes – Ribbons Help These days most charities or causes are associated with a certain colour, and that colour is displayed in […]

BodyMods – Community Us

This was a blog article written for BodyMods in August 2012, through working with AXIS Impact Marketing. The article was written to be published on BodyMod’s blog but was not used.   BodyMods supports the Community through Community Us BodyMods, the Canadian body jewelry chain, right from the beginning, have been doing what they can […]

The Marathon Time

The other day, I was thinking about a house that I lived in growing up. This was the house that I had the richest memories of. Not just how everything was inside the house, but how the garden was, and how the trail to the beach was, and what the beach was like. I  had […]

Sunday Morning Speed Work

I have never been a “fast” runner, but five or six years ago, I was usually averaging a 10 min per mile pace, and sometimes faster after events. When I had moved back to Canada in late 2007, I had just done my 3rd marathon in Florence, Italy, and I had done some training runs […]

The Enviro-pen

I wrote this article for a client’s blog in August/September 2012 while working at Axis Impact Marketing. This article was not used.   25,000 years ago, humans were painting pictures on cave walls to communicate. Then came the quill pens when the Dark Ages were over, then in the 1940’s they invented the ball-point pen. […]

Coping with Transformational Change with Envision Global Leadership Group

                                   This was a blog post written while working for Axis Impact Marketing in September 2012.   Business environments are changing rapidly these days, and one of the key skills for executives is learning to deal with transformational change within an organization. Examples of organizational change can be a change in the company’s mission, in […]


street painting

It’s 3.30 or 4 in the morning and I’ve sat down on a bench in the park, tired of walking. I’ve walked everywhere. I’m afraid to go home. I wonder how I’ve ended up, sitting in the park, in the middle of the night. When I’m 29. I’ve even been to the women’s shelter as […]

A Weird Day in the Bookstore

I was 24 at the time and working at a second-hand bookshop. The shop was at the top of the hill, across from a large pub, and my job there was the kind of job every body asked, how I got it, all the time. Thinking I was so lucky. Actually it meant for some […]

Marilyn Monroe – 50 years without her

When the future dies, our imaginations are compelled to carry it on – Gloria Steinem. Last weekend we marked the 50th Anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death. My first thought was, has it really been 50 years? Her staying power has been remarkable. Especially since it was estimated last century that someone’s influence in popular culture […]

Me? Watching Sports?

My Dad is 75, and I can finally talk to him about sports. Why has it taken so long? I don’t know. It was never a goal of mine, it is something funny that has just happened. I played sports as a child, and as a teenager, but I never watched them on TV. That […]

London Marathon 2005 – How not to run a marathon

I had participated a lot in sports when I was in school, and ran cross country and track, but never really trained properly. But in my early 30’s I started running again, and sometime late in 2004 I decided to run my first marathon.

The Long and Short of it

When I was 11 or 12 I had hair that was far past my shoulder blades. I decided I needed it trimmed, I can’t remember why. I can’t remember if it was to tidy it up, or keep it healthy, or whether my Mom was getting her hair cut and I decided I would get […]

Tall Trees

  One summer when we were up at Sakinaw Lake, Mom explained to us that there were some tall trees behind the cabin, and that the next day there were going to be some loggers come by to top the trees, otherwise they would risk the cabins nearby, namely ours, our Uncle’s and a couple […]

Suckered in, set up…

In the first neighborhood that I ever lived in, there were some other kids on our street, next door, that we sometimes hung out with. Two boys about the same age as us, maybe a little older. One was called David, I can’t remember the name of the other one, Anyway, across the street from […]

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