Poem: Pennies



Written May 7, 2017


I know there is a train coming on the
Burlington Northern line.
I can see it around the corner on the way from the border.
It will slow down as it travels along the beach.
Pick up speed as it goes by the trees below Marine.

I’m on the beach but crawl up a path between the rocks.
Place a penny on one of the rails.
It’s a 1977 one cent with maple leaves on the front.

I can only wonder if I will find it afterwards.
When the train hits it the penny might sail
into the blackberries on the side of the tracks
before you go up the hill.

I stand back on the beach on a piece of sand.
Watch the long train go by until the last car.
Find the penny not far from where I left it.
Flattened and bent on one side, maple leaves gone.
I take it back up to my room.
Put it next to the charm bracelet in my jewelry box.
The one with a cue of new charms beside it to add.
Still in small plastic packets.


by Wendy Stewart

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