The Poacher’s Wood – Chapter 9

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402983902_f3cd6fbd03CHAPTER NINE
Saturday, December 27

The next morning she went for a run along the waterfront and then after she had got back and showered she texted Darrell and said she was going to look around the market and get some brunch. She had seen a restaurant right before the market that she would probably go to. She headed down to the market.

It was better than any market she had been to. People filled the corridors between the stalls and a big clock hung over the entrance. She saw counters full of fresh fish and cheeses, stalls with fresh vegetables, places to buy chocolate and fancy tea and coffee, smelled baked bread and homemade candy. There were stalls of fresh flowers and counters full of seafood, fresh Dungeness crabs. Stores with handcrafted jewelry, and she found a store full of old games and comic books.

She was hungry then so she decided to to to a restaurant near the market to have what was now lunch. She got a seat at a table where she could look out of the big windows and see people walk by, leaving or going to the market. There had been a line waiting to be seated as soon as she arrived, but they must have been getting over their busy period and it wasn’t long before tables were cleared and she was seated. She ordered coffee and was just about to think about what to order when she looked up and saw Darrell walking down the street to the restaurant window. He had seen her and next thing she new, he was across from her at the table.
“You made it,” Darrell said, greeting her with a big hug and kiss.

After they had caught up on how Renee’s flight was and what had gone on in Oregon for Darrell, Renee still had a question for Darrell.

“I have to ask you – one day Carol said you were up at the caves. I walked up there thinking I could find you. I was sure that I had seen you. I tried to phone you and got your voicemail and left a message. But when I got there you were gone and I didn’t hear back from you afterwards. I didn’t think you wanted to see me again then. Which didn’t make sense to me.”

“When I went out to the caves that day, after I got out of my car I went to get my phone out of my pocket to check it. I fumbled and there was a large puddle of slush and water right by the road, and my phone landed in it. I thought I would get some rice from Carol at the pub to get it working again. I went up to the caves to look at what I needed to. I didn’t hear your voice if you had shouted across the field at me. I’m sorry about that. I had my laptop with me but couldn’t get wifi by the caves and I didn’t have your email. I could have gone back to the pub and phoned you then but I wasn’t too worried at that point I thought I would talk to you in a couple of hours. I had to go to the library right after. When I got into town at the library, I realized I obviously couldn’t access your number on my phone and hadn’t put it in my contacts on my computer. I had an email from work and found out that this job had turned into a rush. I would have to finish it about three days earlier than I originally thought, because I had to be in Portland for Boxing Day. I couldn’t find your number online, and I was in a mad panic to finish my work. I then returned to the pub late, about 10pm. I thought you would be there but you weren’t. I put my phone in a bowl of rice that Carol gave me. I thought it was too late to call then – Carol had your number, I could have used her phone to text you but her husband had borrowed it. He had driven down south on business and he wouldn’t be back until the next day. I then thought you might be mad at me not calling, as you weren’t at the pub. Or maybe you had other plans and had gone out somewhere else. I didn’t know. I worked all through the next day, my phone was still out of commission and you weren’t at the pub again so I thought you were avoiding me. When my phone started working again there were no voicemails on it. It must not have saved them. It wasn’t until Christmas Eve morning when Carol asked me if we had been out for another date yet. She had talked to you the other day after our night out and you were looking forward to my call. She asked if you were ill because you hadn’t been in to the pub. It was then I realized that the communication problems might have done more damage that I thought. That’s when I took a risk and bought your ticket.”

After the explanations was out of the way, Renee had a club sandwich and Darrell had a beef dip, and then she had black forest cake for dessert, which they split between them.

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