The Poacher’s Wood – Chapter 7

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Thursday, December 25th, Christmas Day

That morning, on Christmas Day, before she got out of bed she noticed a voicemail on her phone. It was a voicemail that she had received from Darrell. He had phoned about one in the morning. He said that he was so sorry, but he had experienced some serious phone problems. He would explain later. He said that he had enjoyed the other night so much, but he found himself in an awkward situation with being here so few days. He wasn’t very good at things like this and thought that she liked him, but he was afraid she might turn him down. He apologized again, something more about a broken phone. He had also been working frantically. Also, his timing right now was terrible, he said. He left his email address on the voicemail, which she was able to decipher an write down. He said he had to fly back early in the morning. He was going to leave something in an envelope for her and put it through her front door before he left for the airport she would have to get organized quickly. He hoped that she would take him up on his offer.

She went downstairs and there was an envelope on the floor that had been put through the post-slot. It had her name written on it, and she opened it and looked in and there was a flight ticket one-way to Seattle, from Manchester, leaving Boxing Day. There was a note with it. “Wondering if you would join me for a few days in Seattle.” Darrell was going to have to go to Portland first, so he would meet her in Seattle on the 27th. She was to stay in a hotel for a night, he had it covered. She was so glad that he had asked her. She emailed him.

“Thanks so much for the ticket. See you on the 27th.”
She would have to get organized quickly and get packed up and the house secure to go away.

By 2pm she had everything packed and ready and felt like stretching her legs, plus she had to talk to Carol. She went for a walk in the forest where it was especially muddy as the snow had thawed some overnight. So her boots were muddy. She decided to go into the pub for Christmas dinner, but the walkers section was filled with a large group of festive holiday walkers and so she went and sat in the other part of the pub. Carol came out and saw her and almost started shouting when she saw her state and where she was sitting. Then she got over it. Renee had a turkey dinner, and she talked to Carol who said she would drive her to the airport in the morning. Carol also said she would house sit for a few days while Renee was away. Renee was not due back at work until January 12th. She would look after the Christmas tree and it would give her a little break from the pub. Her husband was home so he would look after their son. Carol was busy but she called Renee into the back for a minute and said she had something for her. She had a small wrapped gift which she handed to Renee. Renee thanked her for it.

“You know, Darrell was saying that you were disturbed by the history associated with the pub. That it made you uncomfortable, and I wanted to tell you something. You know by the side of the pub, where they say that the gallows were. You have seen there is a bench there, and in the summer I have my plant pots out there, because they like it, they grow well there in the sun. When the weather is good, on sunny mornings in the summer I sit out there at about 5:30 in the morning, and look out at the lake and over the fields while I drink my coffee and those minutes are some of the most peaceful and happiest of my day. So despite the past seeming scary there, there is peace, so you shouldn’t worry.”

Renee let Carol get back to work.”I’ll see you in the morning,” Carol shouted after her. Renee finished her dinner and made it an early night, and went home to sleep and then get picked up by Carol.

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