The Poacher’s Wood – Chapter 6

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tree presentsCHAPTER SIX
Wednesday, December 24th, Christmas Eve

She thought about the dream, which she remembered. The book must have had something to do with the book she had lent to Carol. The nightie and not feeling the cold was strange though. She hadn’t worn a nightie like that since she was about seven.

That morning she was thinking that she would go over to the pub later for sure. Her parents phoned and wished her a Merry Christmas. But after the phone call, she developed a migraine and wasn’t feeling well for most of the morning. By the time it shifted, leaving her feeling somewhat better in comparison, she still felt like staying in and ended up eating some frozen Chinese food. She also nibbled at cherry liquor chocolates in between, biting at the tops of the chocolates and drinking the insides, and then eating the cherry as she sat and watched A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott.

She checked her phone and there had been a voicemail message. At first she had thought it would be Darrell, but it was a voicemail about working on Boxing Day for some urgent local government meeting. She had called them back and left a voicemail saying she couldn’t do it, which was not what they would want to hear, and it would probably mean she would get sacked somewhere down the line.

She went into her workshop for a while. She had an idea about making a stained-glass window modelled on her dream of the previous night – of the large moon and the sky and the top of the hill. She dug out some graph paper and started to do a black and white line drawing of the image she had in her head, connecting the lines together.

She watched a couple more Christmas specials before she felt like putting the day out of its misery. She felt alone and confused, another Christmas Eve gone by but trying not to think about it, and almost not caring, which bothered her in a way.

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