The Poacher’s Wood – Chapter 10

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423569369_82b03cde4fCHAPTER 10
The Future

Her visit in Seattle went so well for the both of them, that Renee returned to the UK to resign from her job and sublet Stockwell Cottage to another walker at the pub. She moved into Darrell’s house in Seattle, which was large and had a garden and an ocean view. He let her have a room of her own to make her stain-glass windows, which she eventually turned into her own home studio.

Sometimes in her sleep she still has dreams of the forest. They are similar to the dream that she had that one night with the big moon and the man with the book, but these dreams change with the seasons. The last dream she had there was no snow and some daffodils had been growing by the lake. But there was no feeling of missing, just a feeling of reassurance, that the forest was fine, and soon the days would be fair enough for Carol to have her peaceful moments, out by the flower posts, where the gallows once stood.


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