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persimmon painting

Today I ate a persimmon that I bought from the store yesterday. I’d never seen them in there before. I looked for them a few months back. Suddenly, they’re they are. Must be in season. It says on the sticker they are from New Zealand. The last and first time I ate a persimmon I […]

A Weird Day in the Bookstore

I was 24 at the time and working at a second-hand bookshop. The shop was at the top of the hill, across from a large pub, and my job there was the kind of job every body asked, how I got it, all the time. Thinking I was so lucky. Actually it meant for some […]

Me? Watching Sports?

My Dad is 75, and I can finally talk to him about sports. Why has it taken so long? I don’t know. It was never a goal of mine, it is something funny that has just happened. I played sports as a child, and as a teenager, but I never watched them on TV. That […]

June 1992

When I think back to 19 years ago, it surprises me how time has passed, and I wonder why I write about things when I do. When I was first in England in 1992, I met my friend John almost right away, and within a short time we were seeing each other.

Off Course

Quite a number of years ago, I had accumulated a plastic bag full of small poetry magazines that I had poetry published in. I had spent quite a lot of time writing and the magazines were ok, they were just small magazines. There were a couple of poems in better literary journals – I kept […]

The Pogues

I lived in England for many years, and when I moved back to Canada I realized I had forgotten something. I had forgotten to see the Pogues.