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Vancouver FanClub, and BBC Radio 6: John Peel Sessions

  In the 90’s I lived with someone in England for a few years who was 14 years my senior, and was interested in music. He was old enough, that the Beach Boys albums he had, he actually bought them when they came out. He had been to a couple of the big rock shows […]

Little Saint Nick

little saint nick 45

    I finally saw the Beach Boys play at Expo ‘86. I was 18 that summer and worked at one of the McDonalds there. That’s what I remember about Expo ’86, walking out of the wrong end of the Expo site when I was leaving for home, and ending up in a really bad […]

What’s Going On

It was April 1, 1984, and my friends and I were at Camp Alexandra in Crescent Beach. It was a school event. We were camping there for several days. We weren’t counselors there yet but would be next year, when we were in Grade 10 and the whole idea of that amazed me, because we […]

Happy Easter: Running, Rabbits and Joy Division

When I used to live in Macclesfield I used to go running. In the summer I would have a route that would leave Macclesfield, go out to Prestbury, then up Chelford Road and I was in the Cheshire countryside. I used to run between the villages. If I ran to the end of Mottram St. […]

The Pogues

I lived in England for many years, and when I moved back to Canada I realized I had forgotten something. I had forgotten to see the Pogues.

Green Day, Independence Day

Last night (July 4, 2009) I went to GM Place in Vancouver to see Green Day. Some fascinating aspects of the evening: the energy, the volcanic black hair, the collection of confiscated spiky belts in a plastic bin outside the gate (by request of the band). I hoped that no one was depending on their […]