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Here, in New York.

Park Avenue (public domain)

A few months ago a colleague and I went out at lunch and we stopped by the cobbler shop in the Bentall Center in Vancouver. Usually, I took my cowboy boots that needed mending in there and my friend wanted to ask the ‘shoe man’ as I called him, something. After talking with him we […]

Strawberry Fields – December 8, 2013

photo at imagine

  I realized before I went to New York in December I was going to be there on the 8th, on what would be 33 years since John Lennon’s death. Looking at my calendar, I had planned to be there for the Capital’s game that night at Madison Square Garden and then I realized the […]

1475 Broadway – Happy New Year!

early morning Times Square

I spent plenty of New Year’s Eves babysitting as a teenager. These were good babysitting jobs, sitting for nice people who left snacks out for you on the kitchen counter and had a newer TV than Mom and Dad’s at home. I started babysitting when I was eleven after I had taken a course, and […]