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Published in Langara’s West Forty Ninth Magazine, 1991 A countdown of flashing black and white 4-3-2-1– prepares me, warns me of this viewing. It sends me there. A wooden swing from oak tree to beach each thundering wave lashing out to lick my heels but I escape and chase the cat under the porch where […]

On Writing and Stuff…

pen and notebook

When I was in my senior year in high school one afternoon a bunch of us sat in the bleacher-like seats in the classroom where I normally played my flute in band. I was sitting in the second to last row near the back, and that day I believe it was some type of career […]

Black and White

I am sitting on the couch looking through the photos I took in Yorkshire when I went to that poetry workshop and feeling like I want to throw them out. I know I shouldn’t throw them out. Why should I? They were nice photos of the Yorkshire countryside, taken with black and white film. They […]

Off Course

Quite a number of years ago, I had accumulated a plastic bag full of small poetry magazines that I had poetry published in. I had spent quite a lot of time writing and the magazines were ok, they were just small magazines. There were a couple of poems in better literary journals – I kept […]