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The worse Christmas ever?

cats, snow and fir tree

What ever happened to the 24 hour flu? The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says it doesn’t exist. I know that one Christmas morning as I kid, I woke up with it. So I believe in the 24 hour flu. Christmas Eve I felt fine. Christmas morning I woke up feeling like barfing, alerted […]

Boston’s Self-Titled Album

  I can remember hearing Boston songs like Peace of Mind and More than a Feeling being played on the radio, as I was growing up, along with all the other big rock songs from the 70’s. In my early 20s I listened to a lot of music from the local scene, or from Seattle, […]

The Marathon Time

The other day, I was thinking about a house that I lived in growing up. This was the house that I had the richest memories of. Not just how everything was inside the house, but how the garden was, and how the trail to the beach was, and what the beach was like. I  had […]

Sunday Morning Speed Work

I have never been a “fast” runner, but five or six years ago, I was usually averaging a 10 min per mile pace, and sometimes faster after events. When I had moved back to Canada in late 2007, I had just done my 3rd marathon in Florence, Italy, and I had done some training runs […]

London Marathon 2005 – How not to run a marathon

I had participated a lot in sports when I was in school, and ran cross country and track, but never really trained properly. But in my early 30’s I started running again, and sometime late in 2004 I decided to run my first marathon.

Some days…

    A few years ago I had moved in with my partner at the time I had noticed the inside of the front door of the house, in the hall, was covered with a thick plastic and stapled all around fairly roughly, so as to keep out the cold, but it was all rather […]

Happy Easter: Running, Rabbits and Joy Division

When I used to live in Macclesfield I used to go running. In the summer I would have a route that would leave Macclesfield, go out to Prestbury, then up Chelford Road and I was in the Cheshire countryside. I used to run between the villages. If I ran to the end of Mottram St. […]