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I am at the lake in the usual way lying on the dock reading comic books maybe eight or nine years old when my uncle asks me if I want to try to waterski. I had seen my cousins, older than me, long limbed and skilled on the water fly across the lake being towed […]


  I blamed the March rain, because I wanted to go to the lake. I looked out the window at the droplets pooling against the glass. I  wanted to see the ducklings in Turtle Bay, but Mum and Dad said the weather was too cold and rainy. It was Spring Break. Back in those days, […]

Almost New Years

Growing up we used to go to a place called Sakinaw Lake on the Sunshine Coast. We used to spend time there in the summer as my Dad was a teacher and that was when he had his holidays. There were a couple of wooden docks there by our cabins, where we would sit out […]

Sakinaw Lake ’76

Years ago, my Mom and Dad used to have a cabin at Sakinaw Lake, alongside my Uncle’s cabin. We drove up there every summer― caught the ferry at Horseshoe Bay, then off the ferry and kept on driving past Sechelt and farther until we reached the lake. We would pack everything we brought with us […]