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Snow in June

It was May 1st 1997,  the day of the election. I had gone swimming at the baths mid-morning. Hall Bank was a steep street. Wearing sandals, I walked up it towards the marketplace. My legs had that feeling of flexibility after you swim. I could hardly feel the incline. It had been warm the last […]

The First Snow

The first snow I saw this winter was on my second day in New York earlier this month. I was getting ready to go to the Washington Capitals game against the Rangers at Madison Square Garden. It was my first time in New York so I had never been to Madison Square Garden before and […]

Quarterbacks, Superstars and What Ifs – Greg Cook

photo of Greg Cook

I remember in my first year of Junior High I started having to take the bus to school for the first time. In elementary school I had just walked up the hill, and school started at 9. I was at the big school now, and it started just after 8, and I had to take […]

My First Baseball Game Ever – Watching the Blue Jays In Seattle

I went for a run today, 10 miles this morning in the dark, and when I got back the sun was just coming up, but it wasn’t. I realized this is the first cloudy day we are having. We’ve been lucky this September in Vancouver. Often it can start to rain the first day that […]

Me? Watching Sports?

My Dad is 75, and I can finally talk to him about sports. Why has it taken so long? I don’t know. It was never a goal of mine, it is something funny that has just happened. I played sports as a child, and as a teenager, but I never watched them on TV. That […]