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Gemini – Kits Stories

In the late eighties, for a little while I worked on Robson Street at a clothing shop called Gemini. It was one of the last old clothing shops on the street before all the expensive chain stores moved in to the neighbourhood.¬†¬†Soon there would be a Chanel shop nearby and already a big pink loungerie […]

The Big Green Building

planetarium and green building

Another place I lived in during the Kits era, was the big green monster building by the Burrard Bridge. I only lived there for around six to eight months. I spent a lot of my time there playing solitaire, eating greek salad, staring out at the lights of the city and listening to Stevie Ray […]

What’s Going On

It was April 1, 1984, and my friends and I were at Camp Alexandra in Crescent Beach. It was a school event. We were camping there for several days. We weren’t counselors there yet but would be next year, when we were in Grade 10 and the whole idea of that amazed me, because we […]

Safe and a porch-light

When I was 18 I was living in White Rock and had finished school, had finished working at McDonalds that summer at Expo ’86 which was my first job. I was then working in White Rock, part-time at Muffin Break, and also at a gift shop in the mall.

June 1992

When I think back to 19 years ago, it surprises me how time has passed, and I wonder why I write about things when I do. When I was first in England in 1992, I met my friend John almost right away, and within a short time we were seeing each other.

Green Day, Independence Day

Last night (July 4, 2009) I went to GM Place in Vancouver to see Green Day. Some fascinating aspects of the evening: the energy, the volcanic black hair, the collection of confiscated spiky belts in a plastic bin outside the gate (by request of the band). I hoped that no one was depending on their […]