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Safe and a porch-light

When I was 18 I was living in White Rock and had finished school, had finished working at McDonalds that summer at Expo ’86 which was my first job. I was then working in White Rock, part-time at Muffin Break, and also at a gift shop in the mall.

The Big House

When we used to live in White Rock we lived on a street, in the second house I ever lived in. It was like an afterthought, a street that curled down from Marine Drive as if it was trying to get down to the ocean but the trees grew up from the beach and stopped it. The street was quite […]

Creature Comforts

It is funny that when the mercury rises up near 30, no matter how hot it gets in the apartment, no matter how the steering wheel tries to fry your hands when you go to drive the car, no matter how you complain about the heat and assess your immediate surroundings for anything that could […]