Poem: Time Travel

The Old White Ford – Wendy Stewart -Drawing #47


Time Travel

Written May 20, 2017


Grandpa’s white ford in the garage
behind the house is a ’52 or a ’56.

We sit in the front seat on the wool blanket
that covers the cracks in burgundy leather.

Farm kittens rest paws outstretched
On the hood.

Past the shiny gear leaver,
Over the dashboard, out the garage.
Blonde corn tassels tower over the courgettes.
Holsteins graze the meadow behind the barn.

A red hawk sets off from an ash tree
flies over farmland to the coast
Some miles away, near the flatlands
Twenty, thirty, forty years forward
to where pop cans scatter in the grass
under the billboards on the way to the ferry.

Where the blue from the drive in movie theater
screen flashes behind the tall pines at night.

To land on the top of a telephone pole
by Highway 99 something still as it was
on the next road, at the farmers market,
The ‘Strawberyz for sale’ sign.


by Wendy Stewart

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