Poem: Transatlantic Flight

LAX Gate 35 – James Gurney

Transatlantic Flight

Written May 13, 2017

I see them on the tarmac at Manchester Airport.
My two English cats in their carrier.

Recognize their crate and the sticker where I wrote
their names with a sharpie.

There have been delays and storms over Iceland
are to blame, so we still wait.

I’m sure our plane’s the one I see ahead.
Looks like it’s getting prettied up.
Set up for loading.
Jet bridge ready to connect.
I see other pet carriers.
Bigger crates.

I figure they have dogs like Labradors in them
or German Shepherds.

All I hear is echoey coffee smelling airport talking and
fuzzy announcements.

No purrs or barks.

They’ll be loaded into the cargo hold shortly for their
transatlantic flight.

Airport staff pour bottled water into the drinking bowls.
I stand behind the windows feeling nervous for them.
But I think it is posh they are getting bottled water.

Earlier we waited two hours in another building as their
paperwork was processed.

The men who worked there walked back and forth between
office rooms peering in and smiling at my black and white cats.

Tarquin gazed up watching them but with a questioning look.

It will seem a long day 24 hours later when the cats drape
over the chair cushions jetlagged in a new country and
some time before they are staring down the Canadian squirrels.


by Wendy Stewart

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