Poem: What’s for Breakfast?

                                         Day’s End – Bess Harris (1928)

What’s for Breakfast?

Written Oct 15, 2017


Is there a poem?
A scribbling on paper
before washing your face.
A sunrise.
A step outside on the porch
to breathe the pre-rush-hour air.
A splash of frozen orange on a mountainside.
Is there coffee, black, 2 creams, milk, or soy milk?
Is it a morning walk on cobbled city streets.
Is it an embrace.
Is it an all day hashbrowns, beans, tomatoes.
Is it avocado slices on rye.
Is it a sad thought sticking
its nose into the day too early.
Is it the reading of the newspaper front page.
The morning news on the TV.
Is it a kiss with a “good morning”.
Is it the long drips of rain from
one window to the next.

by Wendy Stewart

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